Meggan Decker, Pixie Duster


I do not necessarily think I have a “specialty”, because I believe it is a whole package. Starting with building the relationship, listening to your guests needs and wants. But, if “specialty” means my love and passion, I would have to say the color aspect of this craft. I am a color educator for Kevin Murphy, so not only do I spend quite a bit of my free time teaching the foundations of color to stylists, but I spend my time receiving education. Education to me, is one of the most important parts of our career, because fashion and trends are always evolving. My other passion is styling. I love the art of styling for bridal parties, editorial and for any occasion. I spend a lot of my weekends on location with brides and their wedding parties. I love l listening to their love stories (yes, a romantic) and helping them create the look that they have envisioned for so long.  A bride has a vision of her “look”, which includes what color she wants, what hairstyle she wants to maintain before and after and of course her day of look.  So to answer this question…I just love it all!


This is hard for me, because I am a daily quote kind of girl. I send my kids lunch to school with quotes to help them get through whatever troubles they are having.  So now my youngest daughter has taken on my tradition, but now is writing her own. So one of my most favorites is from her, “IF YOU GIVE UP, YOU LOOSE YOUR DREAM…UNTIL YOU TRY” a lot of my more recent accomplishments are because of my girls telling me to not give up.

But one quote that we hear all the time, was told to me by my mom, years ago. “stop and smell the roses” ….and this comes to me almost daily when I start to take on too much and get overwhelmed I can’t change the past, and no reason to fear the future….so I stop, smell the roses and enjoy the present.


I am not nearly as cool as everyone else with music. But I like the lounging, jazzy, indie type of music. You may find me listening to Bebel Gilberto, Citizen Cope anything that helps calm my soul. But hands down my favorite music is my daughters singing.


I hope this does not follow me through life…. but TRASH TV, binge watching NETFLIX and if you know me…. you know I love WINE.

Meggan Decker

Photo courtesy of  Alison Light