Kelsey Dejong

Kelsey Renee, Pin-Up Girl


What is your hair specialty?
I feel like I am fluent in all of the services I offer, but I like to think I shine in the lightening process. Whether my clients want to be a brazen platinum or have a few subtle highlights, I am there for them. I love using balayage, foils, or a combination of both! Plus adding the perfect toner is like the cherry on top of a beautiful sundae. I also can never turn down a good fade 🙂

What is a secret talent you have?
I can cook. Very well. I love entertaining and feeding all of my family and friends! I make it a point to cook my family dinner as often as possible. I can get my small kids to eat vegetables, so I can’t be that bad!

Where is your favorite place in St. Louis?
I am from historic St. Charles, so I will always love the small town charm Main Street has to offer. But in 2014 I migrated across the river to south city. I love the area, and it’s very sentimental to me. My husband and I got married at Seamus McDaniels in Dogtown, and are raising our sons in Tower Grove. The city has so many amazing restaurants, parks, museums, and it doesn’t hurt that we can walk to Ted Drew’s.

Do you have any pets?
Yes! I have a little schnauzer mix, Bash, and a giant baby pit bull, Ivan. They’re both rescue dogs who are more than spoiled rotten. We also inherited a bearded dragon, Rey, from a friend, she’s awesome!

What is your favorite quote?
“Oh my gosh can you calm down? Everything is going to work out!”- my wonderful husband to me, at least once, daily.

Allison Light at Flash Creative Photography