Derek Westermeyer, Hair Hero

What is your specialty/favorite service to do in salon?
I would consider myself a very well-rounded stylist. Being that no facet of my skills are less than another. I am very confident that I can deliver an outstanding end result, to every client, in my chair. As far as my favorite thing to do, it would be color! From finding the perfect shade of blonde to adding subtle dimension to dark-haired guests. Playing with the infinite color combinations is what gets me excited for work every day. However, a close second would be hair extensions. There is nothing more gratifying to me ,as a stylist, than giving a client the hair length and fullness of their dreams and making it look blend with their own hair and be undetectable.

Favorite Product?
My favorite product would have to be the Kevin Murphy.YoungAgain.Dry Conditioner. It can extend a style for another day or two because of the way it keeps dry/frizzy ends, nice, smooth and nourished. It smells great too.

Style Icon?
My style icon would have to be Marilyn Monroe. Her classic style will always be on trend and last forever.

Zodiac Sign?
I am a vibrant Aries and it shows.

What is something people don’t know about you?
Something I would like people to know about me is my passion for makeup and skincare. I am obsessed with the newest makeup and skincare products. Ask me about these two things and I could talk for hours!