Crystal Cooper, Brushing Beauty

September 08, Virgo

What is your hair “specialty” ?
My “specialty” is listening. I then take what each client wants add my opinions and together decide on a cut and color that works best for your personality and lifestyle.

What is your favorite restaurant/food?
I love love love Mexican food. This could also be a thing I could not live without;)

What is your greatest accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishments in life are my two beautiful, spunky and amazing little ones Marley (girl) and Morgan (boy). It gives me joy every day to see them grow and see what awesome people they will become in the future!

If you had to pick any other career, what would it be?
If I had to choose another career it would be working on my own land. I would love to have animals, a huge garden and sell my goods at farmers markets.

Name one thing you cannot live without.
One thing I can’t live without is music! I listen to anything from punk, ska, reggae, rock n roll, anything from the 90s and folk. I rock a mean ukulele and love to sing. “The one good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain” -Bob Marley

What is your favorite thing to do in St. Louis?
My favorite thing to do in St. Louis is visit any one of our beautiful parks. Spending time outside with family and friends playing on the playgrounds, climbing on large turtles, cooling off at a splash pad or just taking a walk around a lake.  We also love to visit the Botanical gardens, the Zoo, and the Butterfly House. I was so lucky to be born in my favorite city:)

Allison Light of Flash Creative Photography

Allison Light of Flash Creative Photography