Bret Thomas

Bret Thomas, Hair Whisperer

Favorite quote:
“Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” – Judy Garland

Its so hard to put my finger on one thing and call it  “my specialty”.I feel I excel in all areas, however, my ability to adapt and recreate, or create new trends is a big strength of mine. Balayage is huge right now and I absolutely love it, from the subtle to the dramatic bright blondes with high contrast. Something else I know I’m good at and would consider a specialty of mine  is listening to my clients, and kind of letting them take the reins and allowing them to direct and create a new look that we both design. I encourage my clients to use their voice with me and never be afraid to talk about change, or something new, or different.

Favorite Place in St.louis:
So, I am a St.louis native. I grew up in Ballwin, and my parents grew up in south city. So to pick one place would be very difficult for me, because my family and friends are constantly going to new places. I really have a soft spot for Main Street in St.Charles. It’s such an awesome and nostalgic area, and there is food on every corner and that’s important. It’s also a stone’s throw away from the river and Frontier Park which is super relaxing.

Most prized possession:
The most important thing that I will ever own would be my late grandmother’s paintings. She was an extremely gifted woman. i have several of her pieces, Being surrounded by her work is a huge comfort.

Favorite Movie:
Im a really big movie buff, but I have a couple I can definitely say are my favorites, so here are two. House on Haunted Hill (1959) and of course, Steal Magnolias.

Allison Light at Flash Creative Photography